Roadtrip Agency launches innovative product ‘Explorer’: Transitioning from Quantitative to Qualitative Recruitment Marketing

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Roadtrip Agency, founded by the ambitious duo Jelmer Zuidema and Jelmer Koppelmans, today announced a new and innovative product: Explorer. This product is the culmination of over four years of intensive consultancy in the field of recruitment (marketing) analytics for international companies, combining a wealth of insights and knowledge gained during this period.

“Clients like, Vattenfall, Achmea, and Nederlandse Spoorwegen have made us realize that getting more applications is not always better; it’s about attracting qualified candidates – and that’s the forward step we want to contribute to.”

Since its founding, Jelmer and Jelmer have developed Roadtrip into a leading company in recruitment (marketing) analytics. Roadtrip is renowned for its in-depth expertise and customer-focused approach. This rich experience is the driving force behind the development of Explorer, a solution that embodies the essence of their knowledge and expertise: improving recruitment marketing based on data.

Explorer is an innovative product that enables companies to expand their recruitment marketing funnel with data from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the most qualitative data available. This way, reporting does not stop at the data from the careers site, but also includes visibility into candidates further along in the process (interview, hired, rejected). It’s data that every Talent Acquisition team wants to use and previously was not directly accessible.

Roadtrip focuses on ease of use for customers: Explorer is a SaaS product with a monthly subscription, without the need for lengthy implementation and additional costs. Implementation is simple: it can be completed in a few minutes without the assistance of IT teams. All this makes it an accessible solution for companies looking to improve and optimize their recruitment marketing based on qualitative data.

“By making the tooling available for as many ATS systems as possible in the simplest way, we aim to ensure that recruitment can keep up with developments in marketing.”

With Explorer, companies can more efficiently manage their recruitment marketing budgets and make decisions based on qualitative data. It’s not just about insights, but also about optimizing recruitment marketing. Explorer enables companies to utilize offline conversions and send them (via the Conversion API) to platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, or Google Ads. This allows companies to keep up with developments towards first-party data – the answer to a ‘world without cookies’.

Looking to the future, Explorer directly responds to the growing demand for better insights into the impact of recruitment marketing. It not only helps justify campaign budgets per channel but also plays a crucial role in guiding decisions on website modifications, improving job descriptions, and other projects aimed at optimizing the candidate journey. Roadtrip is committed to continuous improvement and expansion of Explorer, ensuring the product remains aligned with the ever-changing needs and trends in (recruitment) marketing.

For more information about Explorer or to request a demo, visit or start a conversation on LinkedIn with Jelmer Zuidema (