Introduction to Roadtrip Explorer: what, how and why?

We are at a tipping point. Recruitment marketing is maturing and starting to look at more mature solutions. This move comes with bigger budgets, more technical need and the demand for more and better metrics to make decisions on.

Roadtrip Agency, co-founded by Jelmer Zuidema and Jelmer Koppelmans, has launched ‘Explorer’, an innovative product in the field of recruitment marketing. Drawing from over four years of expertise in recruitment analytics with clients like and Achmea, Explorer represents a shift from quantitative to qualitative recruitment strategies. The product integrates Applicant Tracking System data and connects it to recruitment marketing data (mainly hosted in GA4 at the moment), enhancing visibility throughout the complete recruitment process. It simplifies implementation, being a SaaS product with a monthly subscription, and facilitates decision-making based on qualitative data. Explorer also aligns with the shift towards first-party data, anticipating future recruitment marketing trends.

To make it a bit easier to understand, we’ve outlined the what, how and why.


Roadtrip Explorer is a tool that’s changing the way companies hire. It focuses more on understanding each candidate rather than just looking at overall or average numbers. The tool connects with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help companies improve their hiring process. When a candidate first visits a company’s career site, Roadtrip Explorer recognizes them (completely GDPR proof of course) and links this information to their profile in the ATS. This lets the company track the candidate’s actions on the site and follow their progress in the ATS hiring stages. This approach helps companies get a better understanding of each candidate, making the hiring process more personalized and effective.


Explorer works by integrating recruitment data (ATS data) from various stages such as interviews and hiring. It’s a user-friendly SaaS product that can be implemented without IT assistance, aiding companies in managing recruitment budgets and decision-making. What we need is access to a complete Google Analytics 4 implementation, Google Tag Manager and view-rights for your ATS – that’s all.


The obvious reason: we want to support you with focusing on more qualitative metrics. By looking at steps in the hiring process instead of looking at applications, you can give advertisers but also website builders more qualitative information about adjustments or optimisations. This ensures more efficient execution of recruitment marketing efforts. The goal of Explorer is to offer qualitative insights into recruitment marketing, helping companies optimize the candidate journey and adapt to a future without cookie-based tracking.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can think along with your specific case and see what is the best way to give you more insights.