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What does Explorer do?

Explorer integrates data sources from both the ATS and career site, enabling recruitment marketing teams to access combined insights. This comprehensive view empowers teams to make better-informed decisions. By leveraging unified data, they can optimize recruitment strategies and improve hiring outcomes. But, how can you use the data that Explorer encovers? 

How do clients use Explorer?

Calculate your campaign ROI

Explorer data provides a holistic view of the recruitment process and its outcomes, enabling teams to measure the ROI of their recruitment efforts. This includes analyzing costs per hire, time to hire, and the quality of hires, helping to refine strategies and justify budget allocations.

Optimize your Campaigns

By analyzing combined data from the ATS and career site, recruitment teams can identify patterns and trends in the effectiveness of various marketing channels. They can determine which sources attract the most qualified candidates and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly to target these channels more effectively, enhancing both cost-efficiency and results.

Improve content on your career site

Insights from Explorer help recruitment teams understand which aspects of career sites, landing pages and job descriptions perform well and which do not, based on actual results. This enables them to refine content to better attract the desired candidates by highlighting specific benefits or requirements that resonate most.

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We support our clients with getting the most value out of their career site.

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Make your recruitment marketing tech stack future proof.

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Recruitment Marketing is technical. We are here to support you with that.

Focus on quality, focus on ATS data

Unlock the full potential of your hiring process with Roadtrip Explorer. By integrating directly with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we transform every stage of the hiring funnel into a strategic opportunity for recruitment marketing. Focus shifts from mere application counts to a deeper understanding of candidate quality.

The right data, right where you need it

We collect data from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to improve your recruitment marketing on various platforms. We send this important data to Google Analytics 4 for detailed tracking and analysis of your hiring activities. We also use the data to better target ads and recruitment campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), and Google Ads. This method makes sure every step in reaching potential candidates is based on data, helping you find the right talent more effectively and efficiently.

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