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Online recruitment data, done right

Online recruitment,

done right

From Insights to Improvements

Collecting data is one thing. But the most important thing of all is to make the data ready for use. 

We, at Roadtrip Agency, ensure that data is transparent to multiple teams and stakeholders, 

and that we can make choices together on the basis of the provided data + company specific insights. 

On-going support

Everything that works should continue to work, we believe. We offer our customers on-going support with (marketing) technical issues.


We take the hassle out of data gathering. You are the recruitment domain expert and tells us what you want to know, we’re here to unburden you.


We will not be around forever, but the need for data will be. Therefore we make use of tools that have short learning curves, which will improve adoption within your team.

Quick turnaround

Because we make use of industry-standard tools (and the fact that we have done it before) we make sure that we can deliver fast and iterate even faster.

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Our focus

(End-to-end) Tracking

Correct tracking makes sure that Data & Insights are valuable. We make sure that tracking is set-up correctly, mainly focusing on Analytics (career site + ATS) and marketing (pixels, conversion tracking for third-parties).

Data & Insights

We give companies the insights they need in order to improve their processes. Monthly meetings make sure that stakeholders know what’s there and how to use it. If needed, we are your ally when talking to (advertising) vendors. 


We help companies with getting the traffic they need – organic and paid. Sometimes it’s as simple as updating Google for Jobs or an XML feed to a job board, in most cases we manage clients’ ads managers for optimal execution of recruitment advertising.

What clients say

Jos van der Sommen, Rituals
"In recent years, we have worked with Roadtrip on several projects. Not only are they very nice people to work with, they also show a lot of expertise. They have a lot of knowledge on the subject, think "out of the box" and will always do everything to help you as best as they can."
Alice van der Vliet, DSM
"Working with Roadtrip is refreshing, fun, flexible, clear and focused. The ingredients you need for success in my opinion. They are very knowledgeable in multiple areas: tech and platform integration, data analytics, campaign activation and overall project management."

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