We go from insights
to improvements.

Recruitment is and always has been a numbers’ game – 
and we help you get the right numbers. 

Get the right insights.

In order to know what you want to improve, you want to collect data first. Google Analytics is a great start, but there are ways to get more and more valuable information into it. 


We want to take the hassle out of data gathering. You are the recruitment domain expert and tells us what you want to know, we’re here to unburden you. 


We will not be around forever, but the need for data will be. Therefore we make use of tools that have short learning curves, which will improve adoption within your team. 

Quick turnaround

Because we make use of easy to use tools (and the fact that we have done it before) we make sure that we can deliver fast and iterate even faster. 


From experience we know that not every company has the same questions. Therefore, not every project will be the same and we’re prepared for that. 

Some of the companies we are happy to provide value to.

Making sure that campaigns are tracked and landing pages perform

Advertising campaigns perform better with converting landing pages and the right tracking in place - fact. Before every employer branding campaign we make sure that PVH is set up for success.

Translating insights into concrete initiatives that drive preference for Signify’s employer brand.

Signify is a global employer brand and its team bases their decisions on data, that we've gathered with Roadtrip Radar.
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Insights for better ROI

We Dutchies are not cheap, we just like to handle our money efficiently. We don’t like to spend money without knowing what we get in return. And we know you feel the same way. That’s why we have several dashboards available to demonstrate your ROI and if you want to see more – we will start from scratch. 

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Use your data to improve.

Having all this data is only good for one thing – improvements. If you’re ready to boost your online recruitment, then this is the point that will excite you. 

Career Site

It’s the entrance to your company, your career site. We want to make the journey on it as efficient as possible. If something blocks this journey, we will not only tell you, but also help you writing a ticket for you career site vendor. 

Application flow

Once candidates find job that suits them, we want them to apply. Our insights will show you your drop-off rates, our Application Flow Analysis will tie that together with quantitative information and give you concrete points to improve.


There is only one right way to run advertising campaigns: tracking the results end-to-end. We not only measure results using Google Analytics, but can also help you set up tracking pixels from LinkedIn, Indeed et al. 

Source tracking

You can only rely on one source of truth, all others should be supporting sources. In our opinion, the one source of truth should be your ATS. Broken up source tracking blurs your performance, therefore we have affordable and time efficient options to fix it. 

Jelmer Koppelmans


“A smooth, sociable and very technical colleague. Always keeps an overview and makes sure deadlines are met.”
– according to Jelmer Zuidema

Jelmer Zuidema


“Always an answer to every question or he’ll figure it out. Creative, strong with words and analytical.” 
– according to Jelmer Koppelmans