How Roadtrip Radar helped Signify to always validate their employer brand

About Signify

Signify is the world leader in lighting. With 38.000 employees in 74 countries, Signify truly is a global (employer) brand.

Signify has been investing in their employer brand, starting from their rebranding from Philips Lighting to Signify in 2018. Key for Alice van der Vliet, responsible for Employer Branding at Signify, is working with the right insights. “To develop a continuous understanding of our employer brand awareness, the attractiveness of our EVP pillars and insight into messaging per target audience and country or region, we deployed quantitative marketing research that is both innovative and pragmatic”.

Signify’s challenge

To understand Signify’s global employer brand awareness and EVP attractiveness, Alice ran an Employer Branding survey with an external company in 2019. The insights were valuable, but costly, the audience relatively small and it only offered a snapshot instead of continuous insights.

Roadtrip Agency and Signify therefore worked together on a research project that focussed on continuous insights gathering from both active and passive talent, using the method developed by Roadtrip Agency. Almost 8000 candidates participated in the first survey, a combination of both active and passive candidates. The data was provided in an easy to understand dashboard, that offers different filters, like location and personas.

"The insights have proven to be extremely insightful. They are our compass and help us deliver continuous impact."

Alice van der Vliet, Global Head of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

One important outcome was that we statistically proved that passive candidates were 18% more likely to recommend Signify as an employer of choice when they recently interacted with employer branding content. Next to this, Signify received valuable insights into messaging that drives likelihood to be chosen as an employer of choice.The survey showed there was a significant increase in their employer brand awareness since the name change in 2018.

The insights are proof points that Alice and her team are making impact positioning Signify as an employer of choice.

Best of all? The setup is completely manageable by Signify. This means that they can run the complete survey on a continuous basis, giving them real time insights in the ever-changing employer brand value. This helps them constantly validate their efforts with their target personas.