Owning and optimising
the complete candidate journey

About Picnic 

Picnic is an online supermarket that has taken the Netherlands and Germany by storm. The idea is remarkably simple; order your groceries via their app, and get them delivered for free during a timeslot of your choosing. 

Picnic currently delivers to over 130 cities and keeps adding cities at a furious pace.

Picnic’s challenge

One of Picnic’s biggest growth challenges is scaling their supply chain rapidly. Not only does Picnic need a large pool of delivery drivers and order pickers in order to collect and deliver the groceries, they have a highly dynamic inflow need that is dispersed across many regions.

When we started helping the Online Recruitment Team at Picnic, they had already set up the biggest part of the infrastructure to recruit new team members at scale. Through the power of online advertising they managed to get a huge volume of applicants to their career site, and were in the midst of automating a large part of the selection process.

"Jelmer is an amazing multiplier for our team. Not only does he build at an incredible pace, he helps everyone around him do the same."

Onno Blom, Head of Online Recruitment


Our solution

True to our vision, we started with thoroughly assessing the setup, the performance of that setup, and possible improvements. We recognized that the current technical setup was preventing quick iteration and fast measurement. We decided the biggest impact would be made by laying the groundwork for full integration in data-measurement, and by allowing the team to more quickly iterate on the funnel and website.

Career site

With the help from the internal team our first step was to build a new career site including CMS. This change in set-up will, going forward, allow Picnic to make any changes within literal seconds and allow the team to have full control over their own funnel.
The career site is (of course) seamlessly integrated with Fountain—the ATS that Picnic is using. Fountain is an ATS focused on the gig economy and therefore the perfect choice for the business’ high demand.

Full funnel insight

We then ensured that the different data silos were integrated, and allowed for full optimisation across the funnel.
We build a custom dashboard similar to our other dashboard products, which was quickly adopted by the team as their go-to interface for analysis.

Bottom line deliverables

  • A complete revamp of the careers site, completely integrated with their ATS and with an optimised candidate experience. The Picnic team is completely in control of their own career site and therefore has boosted their speed of execution significantly.
  • A killer SEO strategy to boost organic applicants.
  • Implemented the ability to measure from ad click to hire, across marketing channels, in the career site and in the ATS. This is brought back into a real-time dashboard.


improvement in application rate


Way of working

We had the pleasure to work on-site 2 days a week, for a period of 5 months. This led to us having a deep understanding of Picnic’s needs and ways of working, and allowed us to have a proactive role where possible.


Oh and yes, 

We recorded a podcast with Onno, who heads the online recruitment team at Picnic. It was a pleasure to interview him about his philosophy around automation and the power of online recruitment advertising. It’s in Dutch, but the lessons are universal!